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An Invitation to Other Writers


As some of you may recall, I published an essay on Modern Loss a couple of months ago called “Forever ‘The Girls’.” I am thrilled to announce that I’ve just become a contributing editor to the site. This is an incredible opportunity, for which I am both grateful and humbled. I’m also very excited to work with other writers.

I would like to invite you to get in touch with me if you’re interested in having your work published on Modern Loss.

Below is a little more info:

In case you’re not familiar with Modern Loss, we launched last November as an online magazine about grief and loss that is geared toward Gen X and Gen Y. Currently, we publish — in addition to more service-oriented resource pieces — short personal essays that are narrowly focused around one aspect of loss. One writer imagines watching the Kardashians with her late mother; another explains what it’s like to mourn her philandering husband; another still visits his dead dad on Google Street View. We’ve been featured in the NYTSlate, and elsewhere, and held our first live event, with HBO, in June. (You can also check out our About Us page.)

If you’d like to pitch me an idea for an essay on loss, please email me at nivadorellsmith@gmail.com. Essays can be about any kind of loss – spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, co-worker, pet – and almost any aspect. Essays are generally 800 words but can be a little shorter or a little longer. Unfortunately, there is no pay (yet), but it will allow you to connect with more people and drive more traffic to your blog.

I take it as a fortuitous sign from the Universe that today WordPress posted this about writing through grief, including several grief-related blogs. I plan to reach out to them — and hope to hear from you too.

– Niva


Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

10 thoughts on “An Invitation to Other Writers

  1. I’m not sure if “loss” has to be specifically about death? If not, I’d like to write an essay about the loss of my best friend. As a 40 year old gay man, I came out at 28. My best friend came out about the same time. We shared the ins and outs of the gay lifestyle together. When I was nearing 40 and he 30, it was time for us to move on. He left to china and I started my inward journey of spirituality. I miss our carefree days when life was brand new after I came out. Here is a rough draft version from my blog: http://catholicguyxl.com/2014/04/16/i-found-my-balance-half-way-across-the-tightrope/
    Thank you!

    • Hey, thanks for reaching out. I should have clarified this point above (sorry). For this site, they are looking for essays about loss specifically from death. Your story is beautiful though, and I hope you will consider publishing it elsewhere. Best to you.

  2. Hi. I am thinking I may just do this. I have a few more harried weeks with my kids, but I would definitely want to write an essay in loss. Especially as I am getting closer and closer to the point of wanting to leave my place employment – the business he started and we worked together and I did all I could to keep it viable after he died. I just can’t work here anymore without him here. After 2 1/2 yrs it still makes me cry. 🙂 hell if you can move across the country, I can leave this business.

    • Yes, you can. And I hope you do if that’s what you really want. There’s no rush re essay, but do think about it. I’ll post again about it at a later date. Hugs to you. Xo

  3. I submitted one of my blog posts. I love that you posted this website. I’ve learned very quickly that there isn’t a lot of tangible information for widows under 30, and it’s tough sorting through these mixed feelings and thoughts. That’s why I blog.

  4. Any chance of expanding the age group a little? I’d be interested in submitting something, but I’m not Gen X or Y..

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