Riding Bitch

The daily musings of a writer.


When it Rains it Pours

A few minutes before the end of the work day, a colleague of my boss handed me two 3-ring binders, each 4 inches thick, about 1000 pages. “I’m so sorry, but we need 5 copies of these binders.” My boss shows up behind the colleague and frowns. “Sorry…” After they apologized some more, they finally left me alone with the binders, at which I stared for a solid five minutes, speechless. Then I logged off my computer and left. (They don’t expect them tonight.)

On the way home after picking up Ruby from daycare my phone rings. My manager, calling me at 7:15pm.

“I just pulled a Hail Mary,” she tells me.

Remember the pilot I sent her a few weeks ago? It was meant as a writing sample for a TV show that’s looking to hire a new writer. But the pilot wasn’t ready. I thought we’d have to wait until next year to submit something. Unbeknownst to me, my manager (G-d bless her) sent them a couple of older scripts.

“And now they want to meet with you.”
“You’re a miracle worker!” I tell her.
“On Monday afternoon,” she continues.
“Fuck me.”
“Yeah. So, drop everything you’re doing and prepare.”

The Good News I have a meeting on Monday for a potential gig which could change my life if land it.

The Bad News is I have to spend the next however-long-it-takes making these fucking gargantuan binders. And the rest of the time watching 4 seasons of a television show (48 hours), reading up on the executives, and figuring out what I’m going to wear on Monday. Luckily, tomorrow I get my new bridge from the dentist, the final chapter of the loose tooth saga, so at the very least I’ll have a brand new smile.

I’m afraid the only way to get everything done is to take a blogging break for a few days (no Industry Friday either). I hate to do this, especially since there are so many new readers but hopefully you understand. I’ll be back on Monday to let you know how the meeting went, or before then to let you know it was cancelled (happens all the time).

Until then, think of me either sweating over a xerox machine, getting paper cuts or training my eyeballs on the computer/TV screen watching ____ . Oh, and Saturday afternoon is the table read for the play with the Two Actors.

Have a good rest of the week!


Bah Humbug

I’m tired tonight. And sad. The news from Boston is just awful. I really don’t understand why anyone would target marathon runners for any reason. Or Boston, for that matter. Times like this I am either glued to the television or avoid it altogether. Tonight I’m avoiding it altogether. I can’t take more death and senseless killing. I’ve had enough.

I’m sad too because I’m tired. I got home with a tiny bit of energy that I was hoping to use to write but was quickly dissipated by a few business phone calls, feeding the puppy and making myself dinner. That’s all it takes to make me tired after a long day at work. I miss Vermont, when I had – or it felt like I had – all the time in the world. I definitely did not have work, puppy and business calls to distract me.

The good news is we have our two actors for the play I’m supposed to direct this summer. They’re both recognizable, acclaimed actors, not household names but you’ve definitely heard of, if not seen, their movies. We had been waiting for them to confirm their participation in the first table-read this upcoming Saturday and tonight, they finally confirmed. I guess that means I am directing them. I wish I could feel more excited about it at this moment but all I feel is exhaustion. And a sudden urge to lose 20 lbs.

There’s so much to do in the next few weeks/months. Besides prepare for this play I need to rewrite the script I just optioned (no small task), read several books, write the book proposal for my memoir, continue working on my pilot, continue training my puppy and work full-time. Oh, and blog. I’m just not sure it’s all possible. Something might have to give. Or I have to do one thing at a time. I’m always trying to do everything at once.

For now, I think I’ll go to sleep early and try to wake up early (fascinating, I know). Sorry to be such a downer tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some clarity and pep in my step.