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It’s Been Too Long


I’m super busy right now and for the next couple of weeks. It’s messing with my blogging schedule, which is frustrating. I miss writing here. There’s been a lot on my mind but little time to get the words out. I know the world keeps turning and probably no one notices when I’m silent, but I’m thinking of you, dear bloggers. I hope you’re all doing well, enjoying the summer, or what’s left of it. For me, it felt like winter would never end, and the summer has flown by! Here’s to a few more weeks of sunshine before the leaves start to turn. Will write more soon. – Niva

Processed with VSCOcam

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

8 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long

  1. gorgeous flower! and yes summer is for getting as much done as you can despite the heat. I’m loving this summer too.

  2. Hi. I’m sending you good vibes, from one widow to another.

  3. Nice to hear from you! Hoping you’re having a wonderful summer.

  4. I noticed. I hope you’re getting lots done. Sending love and prayers for a late autumn.

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