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You Know You’re a Dog Person When


Ruby just turned two years old. This one’s for her. 🙂


Your home resembles a graveyard.graveyard

Your dog has a bed in every room of the house, plus the car.

Ruby sleeping beautyRuby upside downJT - Ruby asleep

Your dog sleeps on your bed — rather, she shares her biggest bed with you.

Ruby hiding in bed

You talk to your dog all day and are convinced she understands what you’re saying.

You rate your day by how many times your dog poops in the morning. 1x =  an average day. 2x = a great day. 3x = you might get a promotion at work or win the lottery.

You analyze your dog’s poop like a tea reader.

You know your vet’s number by heart.

You ask your dog questions like “how was your day?” and “are you mad at me?”

You can read your dog’s looks:

“No, I will not get out of bed. It’s Sunday.”Ruby in the morning

“Do we really have to watch Downton Abbey at full volume?”

Ruby giving me stink eye

“I just woke up and realized it’s been two days since you gave me a bone.”

Ruby giving me a look

You will drive up to an hour to take your dog to a new off-leash hike trail — or the beach.

Ruby carrying big stick

Taking it all in

You will give your dog the last drops of water on a hike.

hot ruby

You try not to judge other people by how your dog reacts to them.

You try not to judge other people by how well – or badly – behaved their dog is.

You try not to give strangers advice on how to train their dogs — but it’s hard since you’ve worked so hard to train yours.

canine good citizen

Your dog has more boyfriends than you do.

Ruby boyfriend

You set up more play dates for your dog than you do for yourself.

You question moving to a different neighborhood or state because what about your dog’s friends?

Ruby and friendsruby and friends2

You will buy another dog’s toy on the spot so that your dog can play with it.

Ruby and Cuivre

You have an iTunes playlist for when your dog is alone that includes Mozart, Bach and Philip Glass. You think this music has made your dog smarter.

You put sunscreen on your dog’s face.

SB - Douglass beach - sandy dog

You let your dog roll in whatever she wants, even if it means giving her a bath afterwards.

Ruby rolling in itruby rolling in grassDirty Ruby

You feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs.

You’re wary of people who don’t like dogs.

You judge cities by how dog-friendly they are.

Hollywood Ruby

It takes you 30-45 minutes to explain how, when and why you adopted your dog.


You celebrate your dog’s birthday.

Your favorite moment of the day is waking up to your dog.

Ruby sleeping and smiling

Your second favorite moment of the day is coming home to your dog.

Ruby and me

 Are you a dog person? 

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

10 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Dog Person When

  1. Loved your list, Niva! I have gotten up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday to take Reggie to Coney Island so he could run along the beach during off leash hours. 🙂

  2. What a fun post!! Ruby is so lucky to have you! The photos are so fun!
    Happy Birthday Ruby!

  3. All day I have woken my dog up to make sure she is ok. It is very humid here and she can’t handle hot humid weather. She has been very sleepy all day so I keep waking her up, or searching for her if she leaves my line of sight.

    Love Ruby’s smile. Especially in picture #11.

    • Hi Ann, good to hear from you again. I totally understand keeping an eye on your dog. The heat can be so debilitating, especially with humidity which, thankfully, we don’t deal with too much in LA. But it does get very hot! I sometimes pour water on Ruby’s body when we’re hiking just to cool her down a bit. When we get home, I feed her ice cubes and put them in her water. Also have a fan going at all times, even when the air conditioning is going. Here’s to keeping cool — for both you and your dog.

  4. This is all so true! (Except the suncream, rarely needed in the UK) Ollie is also just over two years old, and everything you write here applies to him as well. I am really happy to see you having so much fun with Ruby, and getting so much from the friendship that only a dog can bestow.
    I hope that you are still riding,and still bitchin’! (I am sure that means something good in America…)
    Best wishes from England as always, Pete.

  5. I would add that when you take your clothes to the laundry the pockets are full of black “poop” bags, because you can never leave home without them. I do spend more time now picking up dog toys than I ever did tidying up the kids toys.

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