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Meta Monday


It’s in my nature to obssess about new things. When I buy a new pair of shoes, jeans or anything, I tend to wear them every day until either they develop holes or the obssession runs its course. Same with music. I must have listened to Jill Scott’s Who is Jill Scott? and Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill at least three times a day when those albums debuted. Naturally, when I first started blogging, I checked the stats all the time, especially after I posted. I’m better about it now, although just recently WordPress updated their app for Androids. Now my phone beeps and buzzes with any new like, comment or follower, in addition to email notifications, thereby making it that much harder to ignore (I need to change a setting somewhere to minimize the noise).

Not that I’m trying to ignore the stats completely. They provide certain information that I’m still learning how to analyze. They show me which subjects appeal to readers more, which days of the week tend to get more views than others, which search terms (some pornographic) lead to my blog. They also let me know from which blogs readers come to my blog, and to which blogs people go from my blog. One of the strange trends lately is the number of followers I get over the weekend, when I hardly ever post, usually from foreign countries. I’ve also noticed that some blogs have less followers but significantly more views, and others have tens of thousands of followers but very few comments. How do we know if people actually read our blogs if people don’t leave comments?

For the record, RidingBitchblog is officially eight months old (first post 10/18/12), has 585 followers, 7,446 views (1,121 of which happened on the day I was Freshly Pressed), and 115 posts including this one. I once compared blogging to building the pyramids in Egypt, one brick at a time. I’d like to amend that statement by saying blogging is a helluva lot more fun than building the pyramids could ever have been. I’m also not quite as shy about it as I used to be, though I still don’t post on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Thank you, as always, for being a part of this amazing experience.

Have you learned anything from your stats?

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

18 thoughts on “Meta Monday

  1. Motorcycles and puppies—what did you think? Of course you get lots of views! But we stay for your charm and honesty:>) My stats still boggle my mind, but I do look at them now and then. I’ve only been at this since mid-March, but I’m learning a lot along the way. One thing weird is that it says on my main page that I have 200ish followers, but when I look at stats, I only have 50ish. I keep thinking of checking with wordpress about, but haven’t yet.
    Well, happy blogging,

  2. I have enjoyed the ‘friendships’ I have made and all of the interesting people I have met. I enjoy learning and discovering. I find i get overwhelmed a bit if I cannot get to my reader, but I try to take it all in stride. When it comes to stats I try not to get too involved. It is easy to do, but i do not always have the time to sit and write. I find I can get caught up in the stats. When that happens, I have to tell myself – self you are not a professional blogger. You have other work to do;)

    • Yes, the friendships are the best part, with the bits of information we learn from different people all over the world an added bonus. Where else could this happen?
      I like your mantra to self. Might have to borrow it when I find myself getting caught up. 🙂

  3. The one thing that someone pointed out to me recently re: reader stats is that the number of readers you see with your WordPress data does not include the people who follow you and read you by email…i.e. they are not coming to your site through other means. I used to freak out at how few views I was still getting until a follower pointed this out to me.

    Congrats on 585!

    • Thanks! I did not know that about the reader stats, but makes perfect sense. I have several folks who follow by email (non-bloggers) and never comment but tell me they love reading the blog.
      btw, your granola will be shipped this week! 🙂

  4. I listen to the same songs and watch the same movies a lot so I understand ! I have never looked at my statistics. I started this as a curiosity and have made some sincere friends , seen and learned some great things from great peeps, Like you : )

  5. I enjoyed reading this post and especially your analysis of the stats! The whole Views versus Likes thing is interesting, isn’t it?
    I just passed my first anniversary of blogging and what I’ve found is that while it is tempting sometimes to post just to post, and to follow everyone that follows me, I much prefer to be true to the blog (if possible) and cherish the process and the people that I have gotten to know around the world. Blogging is so much more than I ever thought it would be!! Keep on writing!!

  6. Two hugely popular albums in this household! The mere mention of them has me going through track-by-track in my head…

    I’m not quite sure what to make of the stats. It’s nice when I get more than one or two ‘hits’ but for the moment I’m much more concerned with content and I tell myself that the stats will grow if I keep trying to put good things out there. Finding great blogs like yours and others will also help attract a few more readers I’m sure.

    Primarily I’m blogging to clarify my own thoughts and to improve my writing. I would love it if it ultimately led to something else but it’s one step at a time. Five months old, 11 posts, about 70 followers and 2,500 views. The numbers are fun, no doubt about it!

    Riding Bitch is a terrific name and I always have to remind myself it’s a verb as well as a noun. Every time.

    Keep obsessing, keep writing – there are worse crimes.

    • True, there are worse crimes. Thanks for the encouragement. I agree the stats can be fun and puzzling at the same time. You should feel good about 2,500 views on 11 posts. Clearly, your writing is resonating with folks. I blog to practice my writing as well (among other reasons). It’s partly about finding our (blogging) voices too. Glad you like the name Riding Bitch!

  7. Nice blog. I’ll be checking in. Cheers!

  8. I used to check my stats frequently as well, using the android app to see how many views and clicks took place for the day. I still use them to gain useful information about what my readers and what they might be interested in, and I’ve found that the posts that are the most successful are the ones in which I honesty share my experiences as opposed to passing along information. I mostly write for myself developmentally, and consider it a bonus if others find something useful in my words as well.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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