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Coming Out as a Blogger (via Freshly Pressed)


I just found out this blog is going to be Freshly Pressed. Today. Possibly in a few hours. The email letting me know was sent roughly 19 hours ago and I just noticed it (sorry, WordPress). First of all, I’m honored and flattered. Second of all… holy shit! Wasn’t I just talking about being shy about the blog!?! I guess those days are over.

Will this change how I blog? Will this be a curse like some say winning an Academy Award is the beginning of the end? (I would happily begin the end that way.) Or is this what Kaz would describe as “one of them good problems?”

Time will tell but I don’t think it will change anything. In fact, it might be the kick in the ass I need to get over this stupid shyness. After all, how will I ever be a professional writer if I’m shy about my writing? I’ve written a memoir for goodness sake. If you think I’m shy about the blog, imagine how shy I am about that. And yet, it’s something I’d still like to share with people… one day, in some fashion. Maybe the lesson here is I just gotta do my thing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the entire experience of loving and losing Kaz, it’s that I cannot control a goddamn thing in this world… EXCEPT my writing. I can hardly control myself half the time but I definitely cannot control what happens in life (oh, how I’ve tried). I cannot control who reads what I write. I cannot control who likes what I write. I cannot control anything except the words on the page. And since I’m a control freak, you better believe I’m going to keep writing.

Which brings me to a phrase once mentioned in the caregiver’s support group I used to go to: Caregiver cajones. I think I just grew my blogging equivalent.

Thanks, WordPress!

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

13 thoughts on “Coming Out as a Blogger (via Freshly Pressed)

  1. The good news is that you’ll gain a gazillion followers as a result. The “bad” news, if you wish to be responsive to every comment, is that it is insanely time-consuming to do so. They didn’t, previously, warn people about FP so it’s better to be ready!

    Congrats!!! Welcome to the FP club.

  2. That is completely awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! Getting Freshly Pressed is very exciting! Don’t feel too bad about not responding to every comment. I tried and it is far too overwhelming. Great blog, well deserved! :))

  4. Congrats, well deserved.

  5. I’ll like forward to saying “I remember her when…”


  6. That should be… “I’ll look forward to saying…”

  7. Woot Woot…congratulations. Very well deserved. Very very very much. 🙂

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  9. Good for you. You put good things out in the universe and good comes back. Kindness can spread faster than cruelty

  10. I have been reading through your blogs and found that we share common interest. I enjoy writing as well, shy, just got my degree in Film, Radio and TV production and also want to hit the road. The good thing is that you have done everything that I inspire to do. Shyness has hindered me from reaching my potential. I have starting so many writing projects and haven’t completed any because I fear of the what if’s. I commend you for your courage and hopefully I will shadow your footsteps. Congrats!

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