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Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn (to Life)


In Los Angeles seasons basically vary from warm to warmer to slightly less warm to warm again. Which is to say, they are subtle. It can actually be challenging to notice the passage of time because days often look and feel the same for weeks or months at a time. One day its January something, the next it’s mid-April. Weather is an anomaly. A cloudy day is something different. A rainy day is altogether exciting and the buzz at work. The lack of weather is one less thing to worry about in the daily grind of life. But it’s also one less thing to remind us of the awesomeness of Nature.

There are seasons, however, and my favorite out here is Spring because this is when you see the most change in the seemingly changeless environment. My favorite place to witness Spring is in the desert, where the renewal of life is bolder than in the city.

This past weekend I went with some friends to Joshua Tree, not to the National Park but to the city itself. I’ve written about coming to Joshua tree with my late husband, but (other than one camping trip) we always stayed in motels. This was the first time I’ve been behind the tourist line, where the locals live and raise their children.

Joshua Tree, CA

Joshua Tree, CA

At first glance, the landscape reminds you of pictures you’ve seen of Mars. Miles upon miles of dirt, rocks and (unlike Mars) small desert shrubs. But once you go a little further, get out of the car and start walking, you discover an entire world teeming with LIFE.

desert buds

desert buds

desert fruit

desert fruit


cactus flowers


Desert fruit, budding flowers, rabbits, lizards, beetles, ants, snakes, pheasants… there is actually constant movement in the stillness, plentiful sounds in the quiet.

I have always loved the desert for its purity, its cleansing, spiritual quality, its mystery. There is a reason so many prophets went to the desert to think and not, for example, the beach. The desert is as close as one can get to no distractions. Time seems to slow down. 24 hours feels like longer. And your mind is free to breath.

If ever one needs inspiration that even from something barren, life can grow… that life is cyclical and ever-renewing… that there is an almighty power in this universe called Nature… it is here, in the desert at springtime.

desert sunrise

desert sunrise

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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn (to Life)

  1. “There is a reason so many prophets went to the desert to think and not, for example, the beach”. So true.

    And, also, in the early 5th century, when Christianity became a state religion (with all the trappings) many holy ascetics fled to the desert to lead a purer, simpler life.

    Great reflection.

    • Thanks indytony. Coming from you that means a lot. One of the topics of discussion this weekend was how tempting it is to chuck it all and just move to the desert permanently. I think many of us city folks crave a purer, simpler life.

  2. Love this. I have long wanted to visit Joshua Tree. I did visit White Sands National Monument and it’s spectacular. I’ll be in AZ for two weeks in May and cannot wait to get back to that landscape.

    • Ah, thanks for reminding me of White Sands National Monument. I just recently learned of it and am dying to go! And 2 weeks in AZ sounds heavenly. I drove through there on the way here and remember it well.

  3. I’m glad you go to go to Joshua Tree as a tourist this past weekend. Today its miserable for all of us in the “high desert”. That pretty sand that is often multi-colored and so soft looking is a mean-spirited demon exacting revenge! lol…actually since we’ve got 80 mph wind gusts today…yes, EIGHTY miles an hour…there is nothing staying put and the sand is blowing in every direction! Such is life in the desert though. 🙂

    As broadsideblog wrote re: the White Sands National Monument…it really is very spectacular. Its the largest gypsum deposit in the world (I think). Not much can grow there because of the constant wind and shifting of the sand. I thought it so pretty I got married there way back when the dinosaurs walked the earth, I lived in Alamogordo at the time and it seemed just a beautiful setting…all those rolling ridges of white sand for as far as the eye can see! I imagine the wedding photos being…well..unique. The wind was blowing though and none of us could really see! lol!!! ugh I hate the wind.

    • Rose, I didn’t realize you live in the desert. Which one? And have you posted about your windy wedding in the white sands? It sounds amazing and yes, very unique. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Which one? Is there more than one high desert? I’m not being sarcastic, because I thought it was just one region. You’re familiar with that drive on the I15 up the Cajon Pass through Barstow, etc., I presume? I’m lost somewhere in there. I have not posted about that windy wedding in the white sands. Fact is I just never thought about it. I am now thank you very much! It would have to be a comedy piece at best. I look back now and shake my head at the whole thing but I laugh too. Thank you so much for the prompt/idea for a blog.

      • I guess I thought there was more than one. I’ve heard of the Indio/Joshua Tree/29 Palms area called high desert too. 🙂

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