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Getting Organized (sort of)


Not sure if anyone noticed, but the blog has a slightly new look today. And pages! I’m trying to organize my posts so if you want to read the posts on memories, you can click on that page, or if you only want to read the Industry Friday posts, you can click on that page, and so on. Not quite 100% there yet. Now that I have pages, I’m still trying to figure out how to publish a post to a specific page. I created submenus and they are catching some of the right posts but also some of the wrong posts, which defeats the purpose. It might be that I’m doing the submenus inocrrrectly, or I’m categorizing/tagging my posts incorrectly.

Also, since changing the theme of this blog to Yoko, I seem to have lost the ability to feature My Peeps as before. And some of the Likes have disappeared. It just says “Loading…” next to the Like button (for me, at least).

I’m sure the solutions are simple and I’m just not hitting the right buttons. It’s both frustrating and rewarding to teach myself this program. I spent much of today on the Support page instead of writing. Then again, when I first started the blog 4 months ago, I didn’t know one iota about WordPress so I have made some progress.

Thank you for bearing with me. More interesting posts to follow soon, I promise.

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

5 thoughts on “Getting Organized (sort of)

  1. They changed the like thing yesterday, or the day before. The Peeps thing though is probably maybe a widget that got pushed down maybe to the inactive sets? I’m not sure. I like the look…nice clean layout. I just set up the category, than went into the MENU area and dragged that category into a new menu – so STORIES or RAMBLINGS would be a Category. Some posts could fall into more than one category, but I try to limit it to more than 2. Than MENU thingy does everything else for you. Does that make sense? I didn’t even know the pages could do that…and I haven’t played with submenu’s at all…I just do it all through the MENU area interface.

  2. When you figure out how to send specific posts to corresponding pages you MUST give us a lesson. I started pages many times but could not get them to update without rewriting everything. Way too much work and not what I wanted it for.

    PaulaB I have categories and click on which ever one I think represents the post, but I’m not really sure where they go from there. I guess I could be doing so much more with all the gadgets, widgets, and menus.

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