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Two weeks into writer residency and my front tooth decides to fall out. Well, not exactly fall out, but it’s loose. Does anyone know what a loose tooth signifies? Other than I need to see a dentist ASAP. Could it be related to what I’m writing or to stress? Has anyone written a book with a loose tooth before?

Other than that, residency and Vermont are great. All my fears were completely unnecessary. I am having some structural issues at the moment, but planning to wrestle through them this weekend. If only my tooth would stop wiggling.

Hope everyone is good. Miss blogging to you every day but I’ll have lots of good stuff when I get out of here. 2 more weeks to go!

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

11 thoughts on “Mid-Point

  1. Wiggly teeth suck, let me tell you. Clove oil numbs, aspirin’s dissolved work too. My dog permanently knocked mine out 2 years ago…nice. Lots of fun walkin’ round feeling like Ma Clampet 😉 Now have a porcelain … my teeth are a present from my Mom. It would seem you are enjoying yourself by your quietness…:)

  2. I have veneers on my front 6 teeth; they pop off at the worst times. There is barely any teeth under them so when the front one comes off its a real treat 🙂

  3. Good to hear from you; I’ve been wondering how the residency was going. Regarding the tooth – I’d get to the dentist pronto to determine if the problem is with the tooth or with gums.

  4. This isn’t a response to your tooth situation…though I am sorry to hear about it. Just wanted to say hello, been missing your words! Hope you are a having a wonderful and fruitful residency – looking forward to your return to the blogosphere.

    • Thanks and hello to you too! Tooth is hanging in there, literally. 🙂 Residency is going well, though I do really miss blogging and can’t wait to get back. Hope you are well.

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