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Looking Forward


Like I said in previous post, I don’t do “resolutions” anymore. Resolutions are promises I used to make, usually to better myself in some way. This was a common one: “I’m going to go on a diet and lose 20lbs this year.” Twelve months later, I was the same weight or heavier and would make the same resolution, “but this time I really mean it!”

Other resolutions I would make: “I’m going to read more books.” “I’m going to volunteer.” “I’m going to be a nicer, more thoughtful person.” “I’m going to respond to emails in a more timely fashion.” All fine sentiments but c’mon. We are who we are and we rarely change our personalities and habits due to our own volition. It’s not impossible, but I think more often, we change because of life events that cause us to change, or sometimes because we are inspired/affected by someone else’s life event.

One of my favorite quotes from Paulo Coelho’s THE ALCHEMIST: “When something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well.”

I am a different woman now than I was when my husband was alive, less because I set out to be this way, more because the experience of loving, caregiving, losing and grieving him has caused me to learn, grow and mature.

Do I want to lose weight, read more, be a nicer, more thoughtful person and faster on email? Hell yes! But those are lifelong issues, in the background to everything else, not the focus.

All that to say… I do think of the year as a clean slate of sorts in terms of goals, and I do believe there is power in writing them down.

Last year I wrote down (among other things):
“Learn how to ride a motorcycle”
“Baby and/or dog”

I did those things, opting for dog instead of baby (for now).

This year I’m writing down the following:
“Get paid to write”
“Get published”
“More space” (meaning more physical space to live and work in)

And that’s it.

I hope to report back next year and say, “I did those things too.”

What’s on your list?

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

6 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. This year I’ve decided to make a list of how I want others around me to change. The list probably won’t be anymore successful, but at least the failure won’t be mine.

  2. I listed my resolutions in a similar post on my own blog, so i won’t bore you in your comments section (baby might be one of them, but a dog if that doesnt happen, for sure!)
    From a seasoned female biker (that’s me, btw lol), congrats on learning to ride one!! and good luck with raising the pup! all good fun…

  3. I haven’t even made a list this year. I would love to set some goals, but right now it would only depress me knowing I will be putting them on the back burner to help care for my mother’s needs. Small weekly goals is how I’m going to handle 2013.

  4. Exercise every day. Get a dog/cat. Write every day. Publish Imminent Danger. Market Imminent Danger.

    I’m trying to keep them simple. Although I suspect I will have to do a bit more planning in order for these things to actually happen!

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