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25 Ways to Earn Your Audience (Industry Friday Series #4)


Happy Industry Friday!

Today I wanted to share with you some advice that was originally presented by a successful novelist/screenwriter/game designer and blogger at the writer’s conference I attended last month. His name was Chuck Wendig and this is his awesome website! www.terribleminds.com

25 Ways to Earn Your Audience:

  1. It’s all about STORY. No matter what you’re writing about, good content rules the day.
  2. ABW – Always Be Writing. Think of the world as a one big pond and your writing as creating “ripples” – the more you write, the more “ripples” you make.
  3. Diversity is good. Book, blog, Twitter, Facebook, film etc. – multiple roads that dead end at YOU.
  4. Sharing is caring. Give and promote others with enthusiasm.
  5. Value at reality. Don’t be afraid to put something out there for free or cheap (especially in the beginning of your career).
  6. Build a sandbox. Another way of looking at #3 is you are building a creative sandbox where you and others can play.
  7. Don’t close the door. Opportunities to connect, share, learn and/or collaborate are good.
  8. Be the best version of you. You are the hub and you are human (not a brand) so be authentic.
  9. Social Media = a Worldwide Water Cooler. It’s where people go to share stories and ideas.
  10. Screw the numbers. It’s not about how many people “follow” you or how many “friends” you have. It’s about content. (See #1)
  11. Don’t be a dick. It’s okay to disagree but don’t be mean. Negativity breeds negativity.
  12. Be a fountain, not a drain. Talk about what you love, not what you hate.
  13. You can and should have opinions. They create rapport and connection with others.
  14. Be passionate. Passion connects us to readers and each other.
  15. Don’t forget about Real Life. Go to book signings, conferences, etc. Meet people in person.
  16. Share knowledge, share data, always be open and honest.
  17. Ask for help when you need it. Be prepared to help others when you’re asked.
  18. Reward your audience – free books, swag, etc.
  19. Embrace feedback and don’t respond to negative reviews.
  20. Be generous with your audience – answer questions, give interviews, etc.
  21. Share the world with other authors and share others authors with the world.
  22. Practice your presentation.
  23. Don’t be something that you’re not. Being clumsy and inauthentic will not help you.
  24. Take your time and be patient.
  25. Have FUN!

Remember: For every story there is a listener and for every author there is an audience.

Happy creating!

Author: nivaladiva

Freelance writer and independent filmmaker.

5 thoughts on “25 Ways to Earn Your Audience (Industry Friday Series #4)

  1. Thanks for the list – common sense but needs to be reminded every now and again.

  2. Well put, and good advice for many other professions

  3. Very good advice. Especially for someone like me who has stories in my head but never figured anyone else would like them. I should write them down, just because. I need to print this out and read it daily.

  4. I hate lists but that one is pretty good. Also like Elmore Leonard’s rules for writing. Especially the rule about not writing what people scan over. (or words to that effect)

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